New Mediterranean trade routes will be through the South and East of the region


In the Mediterranean, the recent rise in protectionism is starting to transform the vast network of free trade agreements and reshape intra-Mediterranean trade routes. Two new trends are emerging.

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Regional economic ambitions of China and Japan show striking parallels


According to Coface, China and Japan are becoming competitors for trade and investment in the Asia Pacific region (...)

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Central and Eastern Europe: Political risks on the rise but no impact yet on local businesses


With the wave of ongoing elections in countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia, Central and Eastern Europe is undergoing a major period of change against the background of economic growth that is still strong (...)

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Insolvent or ‘zombies’, distressed companies represent nearly 6% of the total in France


The beginning of the year marked a clear improvement in key business insolvency indicators (...)

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Country Risk Conference 2018 2018: the upturn continues, but corporates risk overheating


During its annual conference on country and sector risks, Coface shares with companies its vision of the major global economic trends for 2018

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NAFTA renegotiations - could Mexico’s “high-risk” automotive industry deteriorate into a crisis?


Mexico’s automotive industry plays an important role in its economy (...)

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