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‘Coface Trade Aid Day’ in Asia Pacific Region


‘Coface Trade Aid’ is an initiative of Coface Group to encourage staff participation in projects of corporate social responsibility. The objectives of Coface Trade Aid are to :



  • Promote access to education and improve the conditions in which children are cared for.
  • Provide support to communities in developing their economic project.
  • Improve social and professional integration for the most vulnerable.
  • Guarantee assistance in emergency and post-emergency situations.


‘Coface Trade Aid Day’ in Asia Pacific Region (3 June)


In 2014, Coface Group chose 3 June as ‘Coface Trade Aid Day’. Each Coface office around the world organized an event around a sports theme and made donation to a local charity organisation.  In Asia Pacific Region, more than 200 employees in 10 offices participated 10 local events on 3 June (some organized in different dates due to availability of venue) and raised about EUR12,000 for 10 local charities.



Coface Australia - Charity walk in Sydney

Colleagues of Coface Australia met at Milsons Point train station and walked over the harbour bridge to the Opera house together. Coface will donated $20 for each person who has completed this walk to The Smith Family. A snack corner was designed at the office and colleagues were encouraged to make small donation to the fund for the snack they took. 











Coface China - Charity Sale at Sport Stadium

Colleagues of Coface China organised a charity sale at Shanghai Stadium on a football game day on 28 May. In additions, colleagues and Coface China gave donations to the 'ONE EGG FUND' managed by NPI . A total of EUR1,000 has been raised for the ‘ONE EGG FUND’.












Hong kong
Coface Hong Kong - Charity walk at the Victoria Park

A mass walk around at Victoria Park was organised for colleagues in Hong Kong to participate. Colleagues gave donation and Coface sponsored EUR2,000 to Po Leung Kok.











Coface India - Visit to Day Care Centre of St. Stephens Church

Coface India and colleagues started to make monthly  donation of EUR120 to Queenie Captain Community Centre Society (QCCCS) since January 2014.  Coface India Colleagues visited the day care centre and play some sport games with the children. 












Coface Japan - ‘shuriken’ throwing competition

Colleagues walked extra miles to office by getting off at a metro station far away from the office and Coface Japan sponsored each colleague who completed the walk to the JEN association.


A ‘shuriken’ throwing competition was organised at the office. Both participants and Coface Japan made a donation to the fund. 










Coface Korea - Ready for the mountain walk

Colleagues of Coface Korea participated a mini walkathon at Namsan Mountain. Coface Korea sponsored colleagues who arrives the destination in 3 hours for the charity fund of ChildFund Korea.  












Coface Malaysia -  Country Manager Li-choo ONG presenting Cheque to welfare centre

Colleagues of Coface Malaysia participated in a walk around  KLCC Park and donation were from family and friends for the Malaysia Association for the Welfare of Mentally Challenged Children.












Singapore Disability Sports Council

Coface Singapore made a call to colleagues for donation to the Singapore Disability Sports Council. The company made a “dollar-for-dollar” donation for each dollar donated by Coface Singapore’s staff. 











Coface Taiwan - Aerobics with members of down syndrome centre

Colleagues of Coface Taiwan made a visitation to the centre of the Down Syndrome Fund Organisation in Taiwan and presented donations. 












Coface Thailand - Bowling Fever

Colleagues of Coface Thailand participate a bowling charity match to raised fund for Home for Mentally Handicapped Children (Ban Rajawadee)

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