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Get Credit Reports For Businesses

Obtain A Credit Report And Get in-Depth information on potential customers

It is vital to know the financial situation of your business partners, therefore Coface Business Reports offer you a comprehensive and flexible tool for your credit risk management. They help you to assess potential business partners and categorize clients based on their credit and payment history. If you want to be sure to get the newest company information, you can request a fresh research. 
Our solution provides you with full reports on your business partners, containing the details about their organization. By analyzing their management structure, financial data, payment behavior, credit score, and more indicators like the recommendation on Maximum Credit, Coface Business Reports can make all the information you need immediately available. Make your choice between the Snapshot, an immediate short Business report, and the Full report, a comprehensive in-depth product designed for your credit risk management. Both products are combined with Coface Insurance payment experience, in a unique way!


Business credit report

What is a Snapshot Report?

Snapshot Report - gives you a synthetic view of your business partners, combined with the unique Coface Insurance payment experience. Coface provides you an instant delivery on companies located in more than 60 countries. This monitoring focuses on any event relating to the deterioration of the company’s situation, such as insolvency, late payments, Quick Rate, and Coface Adjustment downgrades.


What is a Full Report? 

The Full report gives you comprehensive and in-depth information of your business partners. Combined with the unique Coface Insurance payment experience, it is the perfect product for your credit and risk management. Full reports are available in all 195 countries, with an instant delivery or within an optimized respond time from 1 to 9 days depending on countries selected.


What Does The Business Report Contain?


  • Minimize credit risk by selecting ideal suppliers and debtors
  • Save time and resources, and focus them on the core activities of your company
  • Have a realistic overview of the financial situation of your business partners

Coface Business Credit Report IncludeS :

  • Basic Company Details
  • Management/Ownership
  • Payment History
  • Key Financial Data
  • Coface Maximum Credit Recommendation

What Are the advantages of the Coface Business Reports?

  • Access to a worldwide information network with Monitoring
  • One interface and one Business report format worldwide
  • Unique Coface Credit Insurance payment experience