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We merge data from the global business information market with insights from our credit insurance operations. Our 700 experts enrich this data with strategic information, sometimes confidential, to support our analyses tailored to aid your decision-making process. This provides you with a distinctive perspective into the business landscape.

Why opt for iCON by Coface as your information provider?

With more than 75 years of expertise in the trade credit insurance business, Coface helps companies to better manage their risks globally:

  • A worldwide presence, offering insights in 200 countries.
  • Macroeconomic researchers for in-depth sectoral analysis and comprehension of economic landscapes.
  • Our database is enriched with over 450,000 information reports each month.
  • Extensive expertise, boasting a team of over 700 underwriters and risk analysts, supporting more than THB 25,000 billion of underwritten risk.A worldwide presence, offering insights in 200 countries.


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Leveraging Coface business intelligence

Coface furnishes you with the knowledge to forecast and mitigate non-payment risks, safeguard your investments and supply chains, and confidently expand into new markets. Whether you require support in Prospecting, Credit Management, Supply Chain Security, Financial Audit, or expediting your KYC processes, iCON by Coface caters to your needs and decision-making processes.

  • Expand Your Business

    Which untapped markets hold potential for your entry? Assess associated risks. Evaluate the reliability of export partners. Forge ahead confidently with Coface's wealth of information and insights.

  • Guarantee Operational Continuity

    COFACE's business intelligence empowers you to oversee the financial integrity of your suppliers, mitigating any disruptions in the supply chain.

  • Risk Assessment

    Coface equips you with the necessary information, analysis, and guidance to streamline your credit assessments, enabling you to extend appropriate terms to the right customers.

Quick access to business intelligence online

iCON by Coface

Welcome to the future of informed decision-making! Explore the power of iCON by Coface. 


• Our cutting-edge platform transforms data into actionable insights, offering real-time information, credit scores, economic analyses, and more. 


• Elevate your business strategy, manage risks effectively, and stay ahead of the competition. 


• Discover a world of possibilities with 'iCON by Coface' – where information becomes your competitive advantage.

Coface API portal

We provide web data exchange solutions (API) tailored to your company’s needs so you can manage your Coface credit insurance contract within your own tools.


Whether you opt for a simple technical solution or all-inclusive integration, you can connect your company directly to the information provided by Coface allowing you to focus on key risks securely and reliably.


Explore Coface API catalogue: integrated solutions for Trade Credit Insurance and business information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Information

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