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Economic Insights

Access Unique Insights Into The Economy Of Today

Do you need global economic data to invest confidently? We are making available our expertise in economic assessments, to help you make the right strategic and operational decisions, anticipating the different risks affecting the economies and sectors globally. Economic Insights is an interactive platform with at-a-glance insights and thorough assessments, so you have everything in one place: high quality, key quantitative and qualitative assessments, performed by our economist experts in the different regions and sectors all around the world. For strategic decisions, and for monitoring your cross-border operation; access to scores and assessments as flows of data to integrate into your own decision engines for tactical use on internal rate-based models, and macro contextualization of your business counterparts.

What do Economic Insights contain ?

  • Country Risk Assessment - Quantifies the relative strength of a country’s fundamentals and vulnerability to shocks, materialized as non-payment of corporate businesses. Expressed on a scale from A1 to E.
  • Sector Risk Assessment - 4-level risk scale trend industry analysis (low, medium, high, very high) on the major 13 sectors of the economies (Chemicals, Retail, Energy, .. ) for all 6 major regions.
  • Key Scores & Assessments - Scores and indexes developed by Coface on key aspects of the economies: Business Environment, Macro-Economic Risk, Banking Risk, Environmental Risk, Political Risk, Social Risk Index, Fragility Index, Conflict Index, Debtors Risk Assessment, Payment Index.
  • Macro & Qualitative Assessment - Strengths & Weaknesses, Qualitative Focused Risk Assessments, Insights on International Trade Flows. Performed by chief economists in each country and sector.

How Economic Insights can help you ?


Take more informed decisions for strategic investments and portfolio risk assessment on customers and suppliers, incorporating the context of global risk:

  • Scan economies for investment opportunities.
  • Perform country and industry analysis faster; benchmark suppliers from different countries for strategic decisions on supply chain management, and risk mitigation.
  • Assess political risks or macro business environment conditions that might affect the profitability of a business or a given business decision.
  • Size business risks associated with conducting commerce in specific regions or economic sectors.
  • Evaluate operational environments; monitor fluctuations in macroeconomic or banking risk, changes in sector sensitivities.
  • Integrate scores and assessments into your own decision engines.

What are the advantages of the Economic Insights ?

One-of-a-kind Expertise - Tap into the world’s most expert commercially available global economic database. We are getting data from primary sources, ensuring quality. We analyze data and insights with ground expert knowledge in each region and sector.
Unique Data - Derived from the core business that helps us understand what’s happening in different sectors, and the performance of different types, companies with both domestic and international business.
Save - Save time and money on country and sectors research. Stay current with quarterly updates and historical assessments back to 2010. More than 160 countries, high quality, and global approach.